Doris Wiedemann


Unterwegs zum
Roten Drachen



Mit dem Motorrad nach China

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Visiting the Red Dragon - Traveling China on Motorcycle

How do people in different cultures and far away countries live? This question thrives Doris Wiedemann again and again to leave her bavarian hometown and drive on two wheels into uncertainty. She already has visited Europe, the USA, Australia, Africa, Russia, Korea and Japan on her motorcycle. But China? You are only allowed to travel with your own vehicle in the country of the Red Dragon if you are accompanied by an authorized chinese guide. Never mind, there is no rule without exemption:
When a biker promises to get Doris and her motorcycle into China she starts her trip: She travels through Poland, the Ukraine and Kazakhstan into Mongolia. there she meets the american Jim, the mongol Tilek and the dutch Sjaak. But entering China as planned does not work out. After an arrest by the border military and several further attempts Doris Wiedemann continues her trip through Mongolia on her own ... until she finally manages to enter the Country of the Red Dragon on her own.
Doris Wiedemann travels six months and over 10.000 miles through the densely populated Country of the world and experiences the China behind the sightseeing spots and governmentally arranged reality. She is reading road maps like a memory game, visits English lessons in a high school, conquers uncountable steps o stairs and lives through some more adventures together with her bike. On top of her list of curiosity are the manifold culture and cuisine, the Chines humor and their hospitality.

„Technical Data“ about the book:
Unterwegs zum Roten Drachen - Mit dem Motorrad nach China
Doris Wiedemann
ca. 280 Seiten, 50 Fotos, Karten, Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag, Delius Klasing Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7688-2606-8, €19,90 (D), SFR 34,90; € 20,50 (A)

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