Doris Wiedemann



Taiga Tour

40.000 Kilometres
alone with a motorcycle
from Munich across Russia
to Korea and Japan

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Typical female: unbounded curiosity again and again drags Doris Wiedemann on her motorcycle into the big world.

After trips in the USA, around Australia und across Africa an invitation for a cup of coffee leads her astray to a travel around half of the world: With her BMW R 100 GS she is crossing Russia towards Vladivostok. In Seoul does she not only drink the promise coffee, but also participate in the first International Motorcycle-Tour to North Korea. In Tokyo she is welcomed by the Japanese motorcyclists she met during her previous trip across Africa.

The way back home again leads her across Russia, the largest country of the world. Forerunners of the winter turn the ride across the Ural Mountains into a hazardous slipping- and sliding-excursion. After five months and 40.000 kilometres the half-frozen adventuress is happy to reach her central-heated home safely.

„Technical Data“ about the book:
Taiga Tour - Allein mit dem Motorrad von München durch Russland nach Korea und Japan
Doris Wiedemann
336 Seiten, ca. 70 Fotos, Karten, Hardcover, Reise Know-How Verlag, ISBN 3-89662-382-6, €17,50 (D), SFR 31,10; € 18,00 (A)

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