Doris Wiedemann


nach Alaska



Mit dem Motorrad
von Florida zum Polarmeer

Unfortunately this book is not available in English yet.
If you happen to know an interested publiser, please let me know.

Winterjourney - a motorcycle trip from Florida to the polar sea

„Technical Data“ about the book:
Winterreise nach Alaska - mit dem Motorrad von Florida nach Alaska
Doris Wiedemann
ca. 230 Seiten, 40 Fotos, Karten, Hardcover mit Schutzumschlag, Delius Klasing Verlag, ISBN 978-3-7688-5310-1, €19,90 (D), SFR 34,90; € 20,50 (A)

You can order the book "Winterreise nach Alaska " (in German!) via e-mail. Please transfer 19,90 Euro plus shipping costs to my bank account to get a personally signed copy from me. Shipping within Germany is free, within Europe I have to charge 2,50 Euro and worldwide shipping is 5,50 Euro via air mail.

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