Doris Wiedemann


Alaska in Winter - 2009

Videos: Sjaak Lucassen und Doris Wiedemann
editing (with music setting): Marcus Kingma und Ripko van Alberda von

Alaska in Winter - Prudhoe Bay
Alaska in Winter - Deadhorse
Alaska in Winter - Dalton Highway
Alaska in Winter - Ice Carving World Championships 2009 in Fairbanks, Alaska
Alaska in Winter - Special: Ice Roads
Alaska in Winter - Passing the Border between Canada and Alaska
Alaska in Winter - Canada's Winterwonderland
Alaska in Winter - Fairbanks
Alaska in Winter - Hello Canada
Alaska in Winter - Starting the Bikes at -28 Degrees Celsius
Alaska in Winter - Good bye Helge Pedersen - At the Start of the Alaska Highway

Alaska in Winter - The Equipment of the BMW F800GS
Helge Pedersen constructs a Snorkel for Doris' Helmet

Alaska in Winter - Klan's heated clothes, POV's helmet camera,
Bags Connection's tankbag, Touratech's Xenon light and ...
Alaska in Winter - winter tires, winter oil, winter cooling liquid ...

Alaska in Winter - visiting Touratech USA in Seattle
Sjaak prepares his R1 for Alaska

Alaska in Winter - Camping at the West Coast
Alaska in Winter - The Redwoods in California
Alaska in Winter -
Alaska in Winter - Visiting Ted Simon
Alaska in Winter - Visiting Dave Barr (Part 2)
Alaska im Winter - Visiting Dave Barr (Part 1)
Alaska im Winter - Made in the USA: Rokon Motorcycles
Alaska im Winter - The Grand Canyon
Alaska im Winter - Meeting Tayler in Phoenix, Arizona
Alaska im Winter - Go West
Alaska im Winter - The Everglades in Florida
Alaska im Winter - Key West: At the southernmost point in continental USA
Alaska im Winter - The Keys in Florida
Alaska im Winter - On our way South and a lot of stickers for the bikes
Alaska im Winter - In Danville, Virginia, at Triangle Cycles
Alaska im Winter - At the East Coast
Alaska im Winter - Start in New York
Alaska im Winter - Look around in Manhattan
Alaska im Winter - Starting the bikes in New York
Alaska im Winter - Arrival of the bikes in New York
Alaska im Winter - Preparations and Good Byes in Europe
Alaska im Winter - Interview with Sjaak in the Netherlands
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