Doris Wiedemann


Following Dshinggis Traces -
A motorcycle journey through the former Mongolian Empire,
from the Krim to China

At the age of 30 Dshinggis Khan unified Mongolia and as it's leader he started to creat the largest ever existing empire.

The troops of the Mongols conquered a large part of Asia and the so called Golden Horde reached the occupied the East of Europe.

Travelling with my bike I look for traces of history and experience the presence of the people today: in the historical interestin Ukrain, the scenically meagre but rich with petroleum, the booming capital of China, Beijing, and of cause the heart or the empire, Mongolia. This nomad country lies like an island between the "white" Russia and the "yellow" China.

I had to revise some of my expectations, learned a lot - and am curiouse what kind of impressions you get.


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