Doris Wiedemann


Taiga Tour – 40 000 Kilometer alone with a Motorcycle
from Munich cross Russia to Korea and Japan

An invitation for a cup of coffee leads me to astray around half the world. With my BMW-Enduro I cross Russia to reach Vladivostok. First stops are the polish city Krakow and the castle Trakai in Lithuania. Russia welcomes me already in the first city with Russian hospitality. The largest motorcycle rally of the country takes every year place in Malojaroslawiz, 130 kilometres south of Moscow. And even in Volgograd, the former Stalingrad, do I meet friends. Rather meditative is the long way across Sibiria, but never boring!

After I spend my first night in South Korea in a Buddhist Temple, I visit Seoul. There I get the chance to join the first international motorcycle tour to North Korea. Afterwards a ferry takes me from the largest South Korean port, Phusan, to Japan.

Hiroshima und Kyoto are waypoints on my trip through the Land of the rising Sun. In Tokyo and Kamakurra I am welcomed by Japanese world travellers, whom I met on my trip across Africa. Waving Hello to Fuji-san I cross the Japanese Alps and take another ferry from Toyama back to Russia.

The way back home is a journey through the seasons. After sunny t-shirt-warm Vladivostok I get enthusiastic about the colourful birch trees further north. But forerunners of the winter turn my crossing of the Ural Mountains into a dangerous slitting and sliding adventure. Only in Belarussia can I overtake the Winter and return back home to Germany under a warm autumn sun.

The slide show about this trip is also available in two parts:

Vladivostok and Back – with a Motorcycle in the largest Country of the World

A journey on two different continents: aside of the big cities I explored Russia from the West to the East with my motorcycle. Many kilometres on transit ways and country roads of the European part of Russia and long days in Siberia, the Asian Part of Russia – but mainly the numerous encounters with locals along the road and the kindness of many spontaneous hosts showed my the country beyond the radio news.

Among Buddhas - Visiting Korea and Japan with a motorcycle

Korea is the still divided country in the East. I spend a night in a Buddhist Temple, go for a walk in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and visit Gyeongju, the former domicile of the Shilla Dynasty and join the first international motorcycle tour to North Korea.

A ferry takes me from Phusan to Fukoka, on the Japanese island Kyushu. Hiroshima, Kyoto, Tokyo and the City of the Samurai, Kamakurra, as well as the Mountain Fuji-san and the Japanese Alps are waypoints on Honshu Island during my time in Japan.

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