Doris Wiedemann



The hospitality of many people is the essence of my trips. Most of these people do not have the money and opportunity to travel themselves.

These women, men and children donate me a part of their life - as an exchange they get a mere impression about the live and living in my own country and culture. Without the kindness and good intention of the residents of the countries I visit, I would neither get far - nor would I enjoy my travels. And I wonder if I would be as generous as my hosts are, if things would be the other way around.

Thanks to all, who share their time, their country and often much more with me!

I also very much appreciate the opportunities I have, due to my German nationality. I want to keep on using these opportunities, to live my live my way, and share my culture and experiences with people, who welcome me during my trips and many times cannot visit me in return.

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