Doris Wiedemann

Alone? – A Woman together with her Motorcycle seven Months in Africa

Africa: Civil wars and picturesque landscapes, slavery and rhythmic music as much as poverty and laughing people – these are opposites which combine and common interest which cause fights. The laughing continent is said to be the cradle of human kind – maybe this is the explanation for my many years lasting longing to go there?

Meeting people, learning about their culture and traditions – a motorcycle journey offers many opportunities for this. I am not closed into a metal box, like in a car, but instead open for all and everything that comes along.

Join me during my slide show on my trip from the North to the South of Africa. Experience with me the lively landscape and the hospitality of the locals – but also the obstacles of foreign cultures and bad weather. The route runs from Tunisia across Libya to Egypt, along the East Coast of Africa through Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania towards Malawi; cross Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana I reach Namibia in the Southwest of Africa. From there it is only a stone’s throw to the Cape of good Hope in South Africa.

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